Stop The Presses!

Yahoo! Music’s Top 10 Videos Of 2008

Stop The Presses!

We have tallied up all of this year's music video plays onYahoo! Music and have compiled the top 10. We are proud that half of the listof videos comes from new artists including Sara Bareilles, Leona Lewis andOneRepublic. Still, many of your favorite established artists also secured keyspots on the list. Take a scroll down the picks to also see entries fromRihanna, Mariah and Alicia Keys.

10) Rihanna "Take A Bow"
If the candid camera show Cheaters ever started an award special, Rihanna's "Take A Bow" couldbe the theme song. On the track Rihanna digs her claws in deep on the malesubject who has apologized for being unfaithful. She tells him not to pretendthat he's sorry, but to instead "take a bow" for his performance at convincingher that he was committed. If Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" was 2007's femalebreakup anthem of the year, this track was 2008's equivalent. It is befittingthat both power ballads benefitted from the song writing talents of Ne-Yo."Take A Bow" reached Number 1 on the BillboardHot 100 chart and drew attention for its video that captures striking shots ofRihanna dressed in simply a black tank top, jeans and hills. Even a guy can'thelp but laugh at the scene of the boyfriend running alongside Rihanna car,begging for another chance.

9) Sara Bareilles "Love Song"
Singers don't come much cuter than Eureka,Californiahometown girl Sara Bareilles, one of 2007's most refreshing breakout artists. Forthis Number One hit, the UCLA alum delivers a video to match. Bareilles' bringslife to a vaudeville bar as she plays the piano while singing about her refusalto write some guy a love song on demand. Girl power never sounded so sweet.

8) OneRepublic "Apologize"
Everything happens for a reason. Before linking with superpower Timbaland, OneRepublic was already signed to Columbia Records. But twomonths before their album was scheduled to be released in 2006, they weredropped from the label. Fortunately for the Colorado band, they had already begancreating a buzz online and interest from other labels intensified, culminating withTimbaland's Interscope distributed Mosley Music successfully signing the group.OneRepublic became the first rock band on the label roster. Their song"Apologize" first gained exposure on Timbaland's Shock Value album and also appears on their 2007 debut Dreaming Out Loud. The video tracks alove triangle, adding additional layers to the song that tells a remorsefulgirlfriend that "it's too late to apologize" for her wrongdoing.

7) Colbie Caillat "Bubbly"

You can't help but think of Jack Johnson when watchingColbie's video for "Bubbly." The romantic clip finds the singer songwriter at abeach house with her male companion, gazing at him dreamily while playing herguitar at a bonfire. "Bubbly" at times felt like the lone true love song in asea on records about heartache. Caillat's following picked up its most momentumonline and eventually lead to her record deal with Universal. She is alsoblessed to have the support of her father, Ken Caillat, who co-produced twoFleetwood Mac albums and Colbie's featured hit.

6) Lil Wayne f/Static Major "Lollipop"
 "Lollipop" is thelead single from Lil' Wayne'sTha Carter III album, the year'shighest selling debut that entered the charts with platinum sales. It was if theNew Orleansrapper anticipated the success as the video portrayed him in celebratory modefrom the start. I've seen a party bus before, but Lil' Wayne tops that concept in this video,instead employing a party rig. You have to see it to believe it. And of courseno hip-hop party would be complete without wall to wall vixens sippingchampagne.

5) Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown "No Air"
The response to Jordin Spark's post-American Idol win first single "Tattoo" was decent but slow tobuild. It was on the heels of talk of Idolsfailing to achieve the success of their predecessor Kelly Clarkson. TaylorHicks, Katherine McPhee and Ruben Studdard were reported to have lost theirrecord deals. Jordin needed to come back strong and did with her second single"No Air." Pairing Jordin with her labelmate teen pop superstar Chris Brown wasa brilliant choice and obviously helped bring attention to the song. However,the track had legs of its own and even prompted a remake by country artistRissi Palmer.

4) Rihanna "Don't Stop The Music"
Rihanna aka Miss Chris Brown is the only artist to score twovideos in our top 10 most played music videos lists. For the "Don't Stop TheMusic" video, the Barbadosbeauty adds viewers to the party's guest list, taking them with her to the hottestclub in the city.

3) Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love"
You can believe that Mariah Carey has been keeping an eye onthis new artist who broke in the US last year after winning thetelevised talent show X Factor, theBritish version of American Idol.  While the song was first released in the UK, her label felt the need to make a differentvideo for her USfan base. So they tape her singing in the middle of New York's Time Square as she belts the songabout a guy who has repeatedly broken her heart. The record was the biggestsingle in her homeland in 2007 and additionally topped the charts in 30 othercountries. When released in the United Stated her debut album Spirit alsoreached Number One.

2) Mariah Carey "Touch My Body"
Mariah Carey scored her 18th Number One hit withthis song from her album, E=MC2.By far, her video is the most entertaining on this top 10 list as it has acomedic edge. Considering the popularity of late of such nerd romances The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, Mariah created her ownversion of the genre in music video form. Watch as the pop starlet who wed NickCannon earlier this year seduces her computer repair man.

1) Alicia Keys "No One"
This Grammy Award winning song spent five weeks at NumberOne on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Thesuccess of the mid-tempo ballad helped her album As I Am entered the charts at Number One, selling more than700,000, making it the second highest selling debut of 2007, and tops for afemale artist. The straight forward performance video finds Alicia in some ofher more glamorous looks as she plays the piano in various settings.

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