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Actor Adam Goldberg Debuts His Indie-Rock “Sister” Act

Lyndsey Parker
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Much like the Thompson Twins were not twins, the Goldberg Sisters are not in fact sisters. But the group does include one famous Goldberg: Adam Goldberg, the actor best known for his work in Entourage, A Beautiful Mind, Medium, and countless other films and television shows. However, Adam perhaps most flaunted his indie roots, and hinted at his hipster side career, when he absolutely stole the show with a memorable, hilarious role in the Flaming Lips' brain-melting cult flick Christmas On Mars.

While many actors have vanity musical projects, Adam's Goldberg Sisters is the real deal. Stemming from a 2009 recording project called LANDy, which included contributions from the Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd, the Sisters' new self-titled debut was recorded with Earlimart's Aaron Espinoza at Los Angeles's The Ship studio, and is an ambitious, psychedelic, Space Echo-laden indie opus that should please fans of the Lips, Mercury Rev, and Elliott Smith.

Adam recently shot three exclusive one-man Goldberg Sisters performances for Yahoo! Music at his hidden-away Los Feliz home, and the clips capture all of his album's analog-meets-Echoplex ambient magic. Clearly he's been hanging out with the right musical entourage as of late.

Check out Goldberg's Sister act below!

[photo by Adam Goldberg]

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