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Audio-ology’s Tribute To Japan Sparks Increased Label Interest And Call From American Red Cross

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Audio-ology, comprising Detroit MC Chaz Logan and Lake Charles,Louisiana native and rocker Zack Goyne, mightgarner comparisons to Linkin Park and Jay-Z's "Encore"collaboration because of their authentic mixture of hip-hop and rock genres.

Their seamless melding of styles is appreciated on their newsingle, "The Sun Is Over Tokyo," a tribute to the people in Japan affectedby the recent earthquake and tsunami.

Less than two weeks after the devastation, Chaz and Zackrecorded the song that makes a plea for the survivors to not lose hope.

On the chorus, Zack sings, "Danger comes. The waves, theycome, and tear down what's around me ... If the sun comes up somewhere over Tokyo, you can alwayslook to the radio and find me."

When Zack found out about what was happening in Japan, it madehim reflect on the 2006 hurricane that wrecked havoc on his home state. "I'mfrom Louisiana,for me, it just took me right back to the Katrina days, like, 'Wow,'" he saidin a behind-the-scenes video about the song. "It's just a tragedy just to herabout it is really shocking, really an eye opener that we're not that safe."

Chaz said the earthquake and tsunami in Japan remindedhim to live each day to the fullest.  "Mother nature can make stuff happen at anytime - Haitiquake, 9/11, and these disasters that happen," he said. "You never know whenit's gonna happen. You gotta try to cherish your time while you're here."

Their song "The Sun Is Over Tokyo" has sparked a buzz andincreased label interest in the group. The American Red Cross has evencontacted the duo, inviting them to perform last Saturday at the Oasis BeachClub American Red Cross benefit concert held during the Coachella MusicFestival. The invite included participation in an American Red Cross PSAannouncement, encouraging consumers to donate to the cause.

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