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Big B, Not Bun B, Bun E., Big A Or Bun C

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Sometimes this hip-hop game can get a bit confusing for all but the hardcore followers. When I first heard the name Big B, I have to admit I confused him with Bun B, the incredibly successful rapper who was once half of UGK. (Why do I feel like I'm looking into a bowl of Alpha-Bits cereal?) Funny thing is, I was going to pretend that I had Bun B confused with Bun E. Carlos, the drummer in Cheap Trick and Tinted Windows and joke that Mr. Carlos must have a lot of time on his hands to launch a career as an M.C. right after unveiling Tinted Windows, but now that joke is completely played out. So, instead I'm going write about Big B--who. as far as I can tell--has absolutely nothing to do with Bun B and/or UGK, nor Bun E. Carlos, Cheap Trick and Tinted Windows.

Big B, however, does have some ties to some rockin' dudes. His current video/single is a track called "Sinner" and features a guest shot by Scott Russo of noted modern rockers and Big's Suburban Noize labelmates Unwritten Law. Check it out below.

That track has managed to crack Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart, which explains Big B's stint as an opening act at the recent Weenie Roast Y Fiesta held by Los Angeles alt-rock radio station KROQ. While he may be new the commercial radio airwaves, Big B--who lives up to his moniker weighing in at 330 and standing 6-foot-7--is not a newcomer. He was a member of little-known acts 187 and Spade Brigade before joining rap-rock crew OPM. As a solo artist, he's released five full sets, including his most recent effort, American Underdog. That album includes "Sinner," as well as "Criminals," which is the video prequel to the "Sinner" clip. Check it out.

If Big B seems familiar to you, you may recognize him from the A&E reality show Inked. Back in 2006, the show focused on the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company where the M.C.--when not working on his music--serves as an assistant to the shop's co-owner, motocross champ and one-time Pink lover Carey Hart.

Yet, don't look for Big B at the tattoo shop any time soon. B, also known as the Suburban Noize Heavyweight, is spending the month of May on the road on the Jagermeister Music Tour with Pennywise and Pepper before heading out on the N.W.O. Tour in June with Hed PE, the Dirtball and Mower. Sounds like a fine time for the whole family.

Now that you've had a chance to sample some of his music and videos, I'm wondering if you're down with Big B or if you prefer Bun B or maybe even Bun E. Carlos. Peace out, Holmes.

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