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Breakbot Celebrates Art, A-ha, Nudity In Funny French Video

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

Breakbot is a 30-year-old French producer and DJ (real name: Thibaut Berland) signed to hipster electronic music label Ed Banger Records (home to Justice, SebastiAn, Cassius, Uffie, Mr. Oizo, and others). He is tres cool and tres French, and his new club anthem with Ruckazoid, "Fantasy," makes us wants to dance around with loaves of crusty bread tucked under our arms while wearing berets and striped shirts. But the foxy (and presumably French) female star of the song's video apparently feels the urge to strip off her clothes when she hears it.

The "Fantasy" video depicts an art class full of worked-up male students who just can't seem to concentrate on their canvases once their subject, a brunette beauty, drops her trenchcoat and strikes an unclothed pose. Then one particularly creative, and particularly distracted, student starts fantasizing about the model...and it all culminates in an "A-ha moment," so to speak.

Check out Breakbot's funny work of art below!

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