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Brooklyn’s Atomic Tom iPhone It In During Impromptu Subway Jam

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

Talk about better living through technology. Riding the New York City subway system just got a little more pleasant--thanks to a Brooklyn buzz band named Atomic Tom that has taken B Train busking to a whole other level with a handful of iPhones and whole lot of ingenuity.

The band recently had their musical instruments stolen, but in a brilliant lemonade-from-lemons move, that didn't stop them from jamming. And now, ironically, their iPhone-assisted music has garnered them more attention than their regular recordings ever did, as viral footage of them entertaining subway commuters with their iPhones and a battery-powered portable speaker system, playing their single "Take Me Out," makes it way around the Web.

This here's a "phoned-in" performance that actually works.


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