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Cassidy Haley Plays ‘The Fool’

Lyndsey Parker
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Cassidy Haley is a modern-day Renaissance man of sorts, a multi-faceted artist who's done everything from stiltwalking in avant garde circus acts to designing celebrities' leather fashions for his company Skin.Graft, from auditioning with a Death Cab For Cutie song on "American Idol" to recording original music and directing his own outlandish music videos.

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Cassidy first came to many music fans' attention last year when his friend (and frequent Skin.Graft customer) Adam Lambert tweeted about his music--thus causing his self-issued EP, Little Boys & Dinosaurs, to catapult to number 3 on iTunes' electronic albums chart. And now, with the release of his first full-length album, The Fool--which veers away from the earlier dark techno vibe that Cassidy once described as sounding like "a drugged-out Justin Timberlake lost in the backstreets of Berlin on acid after being kidnapped by a pack of raving mad drag queens," and dabbles in some acoustic balladry as well--Cassidy is set to add "pop star" to his ever-lengthening résumé.

Cassidy and his band, the Sunshine Rebels, recently stopped by Yahoo! Music for an intimate showcase featuring two originals from The Fool plus a lovely update on the old standard "Moon River." Check out his performances below--you'd be a fool not to!

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