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Cat’s Eyes To God: New Horrors Side-Project Debuts At Vatican Concert

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

The Horrors' metamorphosis from obnoxious noisemongers to moody, Mercury Prize-nominated melodists on their second album, Primary Colours, is one of the great transformations in rock 'n' roll history. But the British psych-goth band's frontman, Faris Badwan, clearly isn't content with staying in one place for long. So he's undergone yet another drastic musical makeover, forming a drony new duo with Canadian opera soprano/classical multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira--a career move that makes his other band's switchup seem positively uneventful.

The mystery-shrouded and experimental pair, billing themselves as Cat's Eyes, are set to release their Spectorian self-titled debut disc (recorded at Peter Gabriel's RealWord Studios in Bath, England) this May. However, they gave their first (super-secret) performance last month at, of all places, the Vatican. No, not some hip new London indie club CALLED "The Vatican." The actual home turf of the Pope.

Trust me, I NEVER thought I'd see Faris Badwan--a scary Skeletor man with a seeming death wish, who's instigated legendarily chaotic Horrors gigs at which drinks, stage-divers' bodies, and various bodily fluids have gone flying in all directions, gigs at which I've literally feared for my own safety--would ever perform a lovely, choir-enhanced hymn like "I Knew It Was Over" at St. Peter's, at an afternoon mass attended by quite a few Roman cardinals. But This. Actually. Happened.

The footage of this unlikely concert has now surfaced, and can viewed below. Prepare to worship Cat's Eyes now:

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