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Christina Aguilera Did “Mother” With Bigelf!!!!

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Sometimes you hear a song and it immediately grabs you. Such was the case when I first heard "Money, It's Pure Evil" by Bigelf on the late, great terrestrial version of Indie 103.1 Los Angeles.

The Beatle-riffic tune reminded me of some other fab Fab Four-inspired acts, most notably early Lenny Kravitz, back when he was singing about letting love rule, and Jellyfish, a groovy quartet from approximately the same era (circa 1989-1990), known for its sweet melodies and rather large hats.

Bigelf, too, favor big hats, or at least frontman Damon Fox does. But the Elf's vision is considerably darker than that of effervescent 'fish. Not only do Fox and the three other hirsute fellows in the Elf favor dark clothing, their album and song titles are a dead giveaway. Their latest album, Cheat The Gallows, features the aforementioned track--as good an anthem as any I can think of at this very moment for these tough economic times--as well as "The Evils Of Rock & Roll," "No Parachute," and "Gravest Show On Earth." The latter title I'm sure would win approval from the recently departed cool ghoul himself, Cramps frontman Lux Interior. The former track has a section that reminds me a bit of Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down," before it goes a little wanky with some Emerson, Lake & Palmer-like keyboards. Listen for yourself.

The Evils Of Rock & Roll

Tie Your Mother Down

Speaking of mothers, you're probably wondering why hot mamma Christina Aguilera is mentioned in our headline, which is factually correct, but not exactly timely. I also considered "Bigelf Is Not Evil" and "Bigelf: Giant Midgets Of Rock," but I didn't want to insult little people. Instead I thought I'd exploit the Xtina connection with the hopes that her name would attract clicks and thus more exposure for the band. But there is a legitimate connection here. Bigelf served as Xtina's backing band on her cover of John Lennon's "Mother," which was included on the 2007 Amnesty International-related Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur. Listen to it below.


And Xtina isn't the only hot babe that's associated and/or a fan of the Elf. Last year in an issue of Oprah Winfrey's O magazine, Alicia Keys testified about her love of the Elf along with Nina Simone and the White Stripes. "Bigelf is a bit of Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, and the Beatles--just this crazy mix of sounds," Miss Keys said.

Although he's not what I would personally call "a hot babe," more recently Mike Portnoy, drummer for prog-rockers Dream Theater, also sung the Elf's praises. "These guys totally rule!! I just got turned onto 'em... and downloaded their latest one Cheat The Gallows from iTunes, which is an absolute masterpiece. It's the type of album that completely blew my mind upon first listen and had an immediate impact on me (very similar to the first times I heard Jellyfish's Spilt Milk, Muse's Absolution, Radiohead's OK Computer and Spock's Beard's The Light).... every song is just absolute pure perfection! This is like all my favorite classic rock / prog-rock bands from the '60s and '70s all wrapped in one! Picture the bastard lovechild of Black Sabbath, Queen, the Beatles, Deep Purple, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and King Crimson."

Well said, Portnoy. Pick up or download Cheat The Gallows, and catch the band on tour in the U.S. throughout February. Do you agree with Keys and Portnoy? Will Bigelf hit it big or will they always be a little band with big sound and dreams?





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