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Coming To The Rescues!

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Not just a quartet, but a quartet of individual singers and songwriters who have already proven themselves--to much acclaim--on the live circuit, the Rescues are very good indeed.

The Los Angeles-based combo--whose recent album Let Loose The Horses is packed with gorgeous harmonies and top-flight songwriting--are the very personification of the whole being more than the sum of its parts. Comprised of Kyler England, Adrianne Gonzalez, Rob Giles and Gabriel Mann, the quartet joined forces in LA, where as solo artists they occasionally shared the stage several times and, following a suggestion, put their four heads together and see what they could come up with.

Following significant success in the TV soundtrack world--their music was heard on such shows like Private Practice, One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy--Let Loose The Horses fairly well now puts it all together: A terrific album that takes four distinct musicians, weaves them in and out and blends them together, and presents a unified sound that, on the basis of pure vocal harmonies, is absolutely superb.

We here at Y! Music were pleased to recently have a brief meet-and-greet with the band--who stopped by our illustrious Music Room, informally performed a few tracks, and made quite a few new friends here.

Check out the Rescues and see if you don't get saved!

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