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Crystal Castles Get Cure’d With Robert Smith Collaboration

Lyndsey Parker
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Alice Glass, the fearsome frontwoman for the face-meltingly freaky Canadian electro band Crystal Castles, came in at #1 on NME 's "Cool List" of 2008...and now she's collaborating with pretty much THE coolest person of all time.

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Yes, prepare to wet your skinny jeans, indietronica fans: Toronto techno terrorists Crystal Castles have recorded a duet with Robert Smith of the Cure. And it's every bit as clove-smokingly hawt as you'd imagine:


The single is actually a remake of Crystal Castles' recent album track "Not In Love," which is in fact a remake of a 1983 hit by hair band Platinum Blonde. And we're pretty much in love with it right now, since it sounds like an awesome outtake from the Cure's own 1983 synth-goth opus, Japanese Whispers.

Still, the track sounds extremely current, since there are few vocalists of the past 25 years who have had such a direct influence on modern rock as Sir Smith. (Listen to Bloc Party, Glasvegas, the Rapture, Kenna, the Black Kids, et al, for proof of this.) So ultimately, this song sounds so iconically Cure-ish, Alice is entirely upstaged.

And only Robert Smith could manage to out-cool Alice Glass.

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