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Eli’s Coming–In An Entirely Agreeable Manner!

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A high-energy, blown-out soul revue is not the sort of event regularly documented in the Y! Music studios, but Eli "Paperboy" Reed isn't a "regular" performer by any stretch of the imagination.

Reed, whose talent as a singer and songwriter is drawing attention on a global scale, is drawing raves for his brand new album Come And Get It--which manages to sound utterly modern, yet simultaneously evokes the unforgettable sound of prime American R&B, circa the early '70s.

From Boston, but with a bit of travel under his belt--including extended stays in Clarksdale, Mississippi and Chicago--Reed has taken an encyclopedic knowledge of blues, R&B and country music forms and, after a lengthy period of performance both as a singer and accompanist, put together a sound that is dynamic, tight and--in the live context--absolutely spectacular.

His new album follows two others released independently (titled Sings Walkin' And Talkin and Other Smash Hits! and Roll With You respectively) and a host of accolades, including being nominated at the 2009 Mojo Awards for Breakthrough Artist Of The Year.

Take a look at the performances and interview below to get an idea of what the heat is all about!

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