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‘Gimme Some’ Peter Bjorn And John Live Performances!

Tiffany Lee
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Of all the awesome performances we've been so lucky to have here at Yahoo, Peter Bjorn and John is definitely one of my favorites! Unanimously bearded, hilarious and incredibly friendly, the trio took to playing music as naturally as breathing (with some sweet improv). Since their breakout single "Young Folks" -- which featured Victoria Bergsman of the Concretes -- they continue to be the most charming band in indie rock.

Just a few weeks before they came into the office, PB&J performed in a fan's garage in San Marino, a suburb outside of Los Angeles--just because they're so nice! The band figured that out there, kids don't always have transportation or time to go to the city and don't have many good shows nearby. Later that same night they played a free show in a warehouse in downtown LA. Clearly, these guys just love to play and show people a good time.

Peter Bjorn and John are currently on their "All You Can Eat" American tour until October. They're also doing a super cool collaboration with where fans can win free meals from fun food trucks in their city. Sadly the band had to cancel some dates recently because their drummer John hurt himself and can't play (doctor's orders!). But they'll make it up to those cities soon enough. John seems like a magnet for injury: He told us how he stubbed his toe pretty badly while jumping in a bouncy castle at their garage show!

Watch Peter Bjorn and John perform "Second Chance" and "Dig A Little Deeper" (with a special surprise guest) off their latest album "Gimme Some." Keep up to date with PB&J and wish John a quick recovery at Don't you just love these guys?

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