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Grammy Whammy!!! Adele Vs. Duffy Vs. Jazmine Sullivan

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This blog is about Duffy battling Adele and Jazmine Sullivan for the best new artist Grammy. We received so many comments on our similarly themed "Katy Perry Vs. Lady GaGa" entry, we thought, "Why mess with success?" and went with the eye-grabbing headline above. Yet Adele and Duffy are quite different than Perry and GaGa. How, you ask? Well, for one thing, they're not American. And to make things even more confusing, Sullivan is!!!

Actually, we're going to put the spotlight on all three of the Who's Next artists who are up for a best new artist Grammy. Why, you ask? Well, for one, we want a chance to pat ourselves on the back and show you our incredible foresight to pick future potential award-winners. Also, we have all this wonderful video content that you may have missed or might enjoy a second or third time, so read on and watch the videos.

But before you do that, consider this. Just imagine if Adele, Duffy, and Sullivan, wearing the skimpiest of outfits, were wrestling in a kiddie pool filled with Jell-O for that best new artist Grammy and the miniature gramophone was greased up with pig lard. Although they aren't Who's Next artists, the Jonas Brothers are nominated for best new artist as well, and to alleviate any potential charges of sexism and reach that much-sought-tween-girl demographic, we'll allow them to play, too. And although country trio Lady Antebellum hasn't been featured in Who's Next, it's nominated for best new artist as well, so hop in, the Jello-O's warm! There you have it, Jell-O Wresting With The Stars.

For all you Hollywood-agent types reading this, feel free to contact me and we'll do lunch. I'm certain this will be a new reality TV sensation and to combat those pesky viewers with their DVRs who fast-forward through your precious moneymaking commercials, you'll note I've cleverly built in the sponsor into the title of the show!!! Not only that, we personally know Reality Rocks blogger Lyndsey Parker, which will undoubtedly help our new show receive favorable coverage on Yahoo! Music. What more could you ask for?

On a slightly more serious note, let's consider the Who's Next artists up for best new artist and their prospects of winning. True to our headline, we'll focus on Duffy, Adele, and Sullivan. After watching the latter's Who's Next performance, we initially felt she was far too dignified to engage in our Jell-O Wrestling With The Stars reality-show fantasy, but it would be odd if we left her out, so into the pool Jazmine!

Back in the real world, this one is tough to call. If it's based on popularity alone, it goes to the Jonas Brothers, but the Grammys usually aren't a popularity contest. Leave that to the American Music Awards.

Duffy can sing and she has a nice girl-next-store persona. Check out our interview with her below as well as this exclusive Who's Next performance of "Mercy." The recording is nominated for best pop vocal performance, while her album, Rockferry, received a nod for best pop vocal album.

Adele has better pipes than Duffy, but will her big-beautiful-woman physique influence voters? Check out her Who's Next interview along with her exclusive performance of "Chasing Pavements," which is nominated for song of the year. The recording also received a nod in the prestigious record of the year category and earned Adele a nod for best female pop vocal performance where she is also going head-to-head with--you guessed it-Duffy and Katy Perry.

Sullivan doesn't have the buzz of the others in the mainstream press, but could end up the surprise winner if all of the aforementioned split the votes and the R&B community rallies to support her. Check out Jazmine's Who's Next interview as well has her exclusive performance of "Need U Bad." That recording received a nomination for best female R&B performance, while Sullivan also received a nod for best traditional R&B vocal performance for the track "In Love With Another Man," as well as a nomination as co-writer of "Bust Your Windows," which is up for best R&B song. Her album, Fearless, is also up for best contemporary R&B album.

You've seen the performances and the interviews, now let us know which Who's Next act you'd pick as the best new artist.




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