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Horrors Side-Project Cat’s Eyes Play “The Crying Game”

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

The Horrors' metamorphosis from obnoxious noisemongers to moody, Mercury Prize-nominated melodists on their second album, Primary Colours, is one of the great transformations in rock 'n' roll history. The Horrors are about to release their hotly anticipated third album, Skying, but the British psych-goth band's frontman, Faris Badwan, clearly isn't content with staying in one place for long. So he's undergone yet another drastic musical makeover, forming a drony side-project with Canadian opera soprano/classical multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira--a career move that almost makes his other band's aforementioned switchup seem positively uneventful.

The mystery-shrouded and experimental pair, billing themselves as Cat's Eyes, released their Spectorian self-titled debut disc (recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Bath, England) this past May. Additionally, they recently covered "The Crying Game," the 1964 Geoff Stephens tear-jerker popularized by Boy George for the 1992 movie of the same name...and their version is amazing.

A video performance of the song, shot live at the Musical Museum in London with Faris on guitar/vocals and Rachel on Wurlitzer/cor anglais, is out now, and it's just exquisite. Surely even Boy George would approve. Watch it below and cry with joy:


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