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Iglu & Hartly: “Abomination” Or Naked Police Assailants?

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Some weeks ago, an email thread floated around the Internet that included the name "Iglu & Hartly," prompting the executive producer of Who's Next to reply, "What's an Iglu & Hartly?" The executive producer--the funny fellow he is--was joking of course, but I don't believe he was familiar with the act. I, on the other hand, was hip to the duo thanks to Shazam, one of my favorite iPhone applications. It actually listens to music for you and tells the name of the artist and the song, if of course, Shazam happens to have it in its database.

I first Shazamed Iglu & Hartly's "In This City" in mid-January, and liked it so much--or have such a bad memory--I did it again on Feb. 2 and Feb. 5, with only John Parr's "St. Elmo's Fire" separating the three entries. I know that's all incredibly interesting, but even more intriguing is Iglu & Hartly and the song "In This City." After all, that's why I'm writing this blog. Check out the video clip below.

Although I can't stop thinking about Prince for some reason, "In This City" actually reminds me of everyone's favorite electro-party boys MGMT. Like that duo, Iglu & Hartly--a quintet featuring no members named either Iglu or Hartly--were initially embraced by the U.K. music press, despite the fact that they hail from the U.S. "In This City" became a top five hit in the U.K., but later British publication NME slammed the band's debut album, And Then Boom, giving it a 2 out of 10. "These bare-chested electro-funksters have birthed an abomination of a debut album, informed by all the most disgusting musical faux pas of the past 20 years," wrote NME's Rick Martin. Sounds like a hit to me. How about you?

Alongside the bad reviews, the band also found themselves in a heap of trouble at the recent South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas. Seems the band was having a little too much fun. According to KXAN Austin, singer Jarvis Anderson, born Michael Anderson Jarvis, told police that he and his band mate Sam Martin "had been drinking and decided that it would be funny to take off their clothes and run around." When the police showed up, Anderson allegedly assaulted an officer. By strange coincidence, the cover of the band's album features the dudes showing off their bare derrieres. Wonder if they've crossed paths with Ida Maria?

After hearing Iglu & Hartly and about their exploits at SXSW, do you think they're the future of rock, future prison inmates or an abomination? While you consider that, check out the video for the track "Violent & Young," which is more of a rap-rock thang.

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