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Internet Hip Hop Star Donny Goines Launches Online Webisode

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I'm not surprised that New York MC Donny Goines has landed "TheDonny Goines Project" on mtvU. The 2-in-a-half minute webisode follows himthroughout the making of his "Success Served Cold" album due out this summer.

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You know that Ace Hood song "Hustle hustle hustle hard"?That should actually be Donny's theme song. Since 2006, he has been on fire,recording tracks, and building his rep. Plus, he's a marketing genius.

While most rappers flood the net with mixtape verses ofthemselves spitting over other artists's dope beats, in February, Donny droppedan instrumental on YouTube. A thumbnail photo of Donny appears at the very endof the stream, but it's preceded by 50 plus Twitter screenshots of props fromsome of the most respected names in the game -- Talib Kweli, Bun B, Billboardmagazine,, XXL mag, DJ Vlad, The Source, and Okayplayer.

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In the first "TheDonny Goines Project" episode that debutedMonday, Donny explains his philosophies on recording. His passion is clear.Viewers get to see him walking through the process of making a song, determiningwhat elements are missing, and explaining the direction he plans to take withnew lyrics.

At one point, the "Ich!ban" rapper says that of the 12 songshe's made at the time, only a few will likely make the final cut. But it's theepisode's closing point that best explains how seriously he takes his artistry."It takes time to put together something that is dope," he says, "and f-k it. Ya'llis going to have to wait."

The launch date for the next "The Donny Goines Project"episode has not yet been announced. But, Donny and his team can take the creditfor getting the project off the ground. They approached MTV with the idea lastyear, and the cable network loved it. Donny found his own film crew, and shotthe footage over the course of six months.

"Not that many unsigned artists that I know can get a videoup there, let alone something of this magnitude," he says, and he is right.

Aside from music, Donny is also embarking on opportunitiesin television and fashion. "I think personally, you have to have a multifacetedattitude to being a brand," he explains. "A lot of people just focus on rhymes.But it makes sense to put your brand elsewhere so that people who might notlisten to rap might catch wind of you elsewhere."

This dude is smart. Be on the look out for Donny's nextsingle "What Up Bro," coming soon.

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