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Just Like Jesse James, Only Spelled “Jessie” And Much Prettier

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Sometimes I'm so uncool I scare myself. I have to admit, when I think of the name Jesse James, I don't necessarily think of the outlaw cowboy from the 1880s, but of the 1989 Cher hit "Just Like Jesse James." I know that sounds incredibly lame, but just for the record, hipsters the Mooney Suzuki covered the song on the 2007 album Guilty Pleasures, so there. In a matter of months, however, none of that will matter, because soon we'll all spell Jesse with an "ie" at the end and when we hear the name Jessie James, we won't think of the outlaw cowboy, Cher or the Mooney Suzuki, but of a hot new talent named--you guessed it--Jessie James. Check out the video for her first single, "Wanted," below.

As you saw in that video, Ms. James is a young lady who is quite easy on the eyes, but I'm a bit concerned for her personal safety. Apparently her parents didn't tell her and dos and don'ts of social networking because she's gone and posted her phone number all over her MySpace and is asking strangers to call. I didn't call Jessie myself, because if I did I'd likely lecture her on how wrong it is to post your phone number on your MySpace page and chances are she wouldn't want to hear it. Then again, since Jessie is signed to a major label, perhaps that phone number isn't really hers, but it's part of some sort of marketing gimmick designed to take advantage of gullible young fans who might call that number and think they're going to get the real live Jessie on the phone.

Questionable phone numbers on MySpace aside, I predict big things for Ms. James. "Wanted," co-written by American Idol judge, Platinum Weird member, and my former Billboard magazine co-worker Kara DioGuardi, has already cracked Billboard's Mainstream Top 40 Chart. In addition, Ms. James is the focus of footwear fashionista Steve Madden's high-profile online and off-line promotion that'll run for two months. To top things off, Jessie has landed an opening spot for none other than the Jonas Brothers at enormodome dates in late June in Arlington, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Denver, Colorado; and Nampa, Idaho. All that action, and Jessie's self-titled album doesn't even drop until July 28. Talk about set up.

On top of all that, Jessie has more than one good tune up her jeans. In fact, she's got a pretty good little number called "Blue Jeans" that was featured on the Confessions Of A Shopaholic soundtrack. Like "Wanted," the tune straddles the line between pop and rock, and even has a touch of R&B and country, meaning that it has the potential to appeal to a whole heck of a lot of people. Check it out below.


Blue Jeans


That's not all. Jessie's album includes "Bullet," a song written by her "pal" Katy Perry. I can't confirm or deny that Katy kissed Jessie and she liked it, but I can tell you that Jessie James is hot, not cold. Catch her while you can.

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