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Kate Voegele: Her Inexorable Rise Topward!

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A new face? Could be. Kate Voegele has been stirring up the music world lately with her recent release A Fine Mess--an excellent collection of material that sometimes dwells in the surprisingly personal--and gathering increased momentum among fans and critics alike.

New? Those who watch TV may also recognize Kate from her role as Mia Catalano on One Tree Hill. And those present at Farm Aid in 2005 and 2005 would have seen the young, Ohio-born singer performing onstage with the likes of Neil Young and John Mellencamp.

But all these levels of exposure have only helped Kate break through to the masses; songs from A Fine Mess popped up regularly on One Tree Hill during its week of release, and the singer's active schedule is reaping significant dividends. In fact, this Saturday afternoon, Feb. 20, Kate will be singing the national anthem before NASCAR'S NNS Stater Bros. 300.

Here's a chance to check out two live performances by Kate in a considerably more intimate environment. Recorded at Jack Johnson's Solar Powered Plastic Plant--his "completely green" recording studio in Los Angeles, here are a pair of superb performances by Kate: "Angel" and "Inside Out."

You'll like what you see!

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