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King Charles For A Day!

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With the Royal Wedding now over and done, and search engines worldwide buzzing with questions about the intricacies of the British Royal Family, this may not exactly be the best time to be a new artist named King Charles.

But those who want to know more can find out right here.

And what they'll find, in the case of the young and colorful musician named King Charles--aside from a mountain of hair, a host of clever, character-laden songs, and significant wit--is one of the UK's more interesting new artists.

The King--doubtlessly referred to as His Majesty by friends--made some news in his homeland by winning the 2009 International Songwriting Competition; he similarly made news in the States via a very fortunate berth on the Mumford & Sons tour--a highly visible trek that took place just as that British outfit was beginning their unexpected climb to the upper reaches of the American pop charts.

With an EP now available here in the States entitled Alone On The Throne, King Charles recently proved one of the more interesting artists to show up and dazzle onlookers at this year's South By Southwest conference. Y! Music was pleased to catch a mid-afternoon performance and interview session with the man in our appropriately palatial Bedroom Sessions studio and very much enjoyed what we witnessed. We think you'll enjoy it as well.

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