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Klaxons Create The Best Album Cover EVER

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

Rock 'n' roll history is filled with iconic album cover images--Sticky Fingers' functional zipper, the Velvet Underground's Warholian banana, Nevermind's dollar-chasing pool baby, Sgt. Pepper's collage-like group shot, Rio's extremely '80s Nagel print--but all of those covers just look like cheapo clip art next to the recently unveiled genius artwork for the Klaxons' sophomore album, Surfing The Void, which just came out in the U.K.:

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Really now, fans of British nu-ravers the Klaxons had reason enough to rejoice when they learned that the group's frustratingly delayed follow-up to 2007's Mercury Prize-winning Myths Of The Near Future was finally coming out on August 30, 2010. Such  news was a relief, after the album had gotten off to several false starts in 2008 and rumors had swirled that the Klaxons' label had demanded that some of its cuts be re-recorded because they were deemed "too experimental for release."

But this album cover? It was too awesome NOT to release!

While you're waiting for Surfing The Void to come out in the States on September 21, and only IF you're able to tear your undoubtedly amazed eyes away from the final-frontier feline above, tide yourself over with "Echoes," the bands cinematic new video, along with some clips from when this apparently nine-live'd band visited the Y! Music studio back in '07. They're the cat's meow.


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