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L.A.’s Robotantists Remake Radiohead’s ‘The King Of Limbs’ In 24 Hours

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

It was surprising enough when Radiohead announced the release of their eighth album, The King Of Limbs, on February 13, and then released it only five days later (a day ahead of schedule). But then Los Angeles indie-pop group Robotanists managed to record their own track-by-track remake only 24 hours after The King Of Limbs' release.

Here's a sample of the band's instant-reaction Radiohead reinterpretation, covering the album's first single, "Lotus Flower":

So what do you think? Is this a genius marketing move, a cheap gimmick, or just an example of art in an accelerated Internet age? Stream and download the Robotantists' entire album at (and get Radiohead's, while you're at it, at and you decide.

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