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LIGHTS: Absolutely Incandescent!

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She has been called "every nerd's dream girl," and it's always meant as the highest praise imaginable.

Indeed, LIGHTS--the Canadian singer/songwriter born Valerie Poxleitner--may be the most interesting female to set foot on our great planet!

The attractive young singer/songwriter, who's already won Canada's esteemed Juno Award for her talents, came to visit Y! Music recently in conjunction with the release of her fabulous new album, The Listening, and knocked most of us out with her talent, geniality, and exhuberance.

So what's the big deal about this "nerd's dream girl" stuff? LIGHTS is actively involved in many fields of entertainment aside from music, and most prominent among them may be videogaming-World Of Warcraft, anyone?-and comic books, of which she is both a conspicuous fangirl and participant. And do check out this link to find out more about Audio Quest: A Capt. Lights Adventure, which aired on MTV and, as animation goes, is hip stuff indeed.

To find out what LIGHTS is all about, check out these performances and you'll get an inkling of why she's so appealing musically.



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As enjoyable as she is performing, in full conversation LIGHTS may be even more interesting; she may be the only known female human to ever acknowledge the existence of the '60s comic book classic, Magnus, Robot Fighter, yet another reason why she may indeed be the most perfect human being we've ever encountered in our studio.

In her own words, here's LIGHTS. She's getting brighter every minute!

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