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Man Of Style (AND Substance): How To Dress Well

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

With a boastful stage name like How To Dress Well, the artist also known Tom Krell better be one cool cat. And indeed he is. But rest assured, this experimental one-man indie-soul project isn't all style and no substance.

HTDW in fact cites such artistic inspirations and influences as surrealist artist Hans Bellmer, philosopher Immanuel Kant, and musical acts ranging from The-Dream to Einsturzende Neubauten to '90s R&B lotharios like Al B. Sure! and Keith Sweat. Additionally, his day job in research involves translating a book of "post-Kantian philosophy" in Cologne, Germany (where he resides when he's not in trendy Brooklyn), and he's currently studying for his Ph.D. Not too shabby.

With an impressive dossier like that--not to mention his eerie falsetto that the Village Voice likened to "Maxwell on Xanax"--How To Dress Well is clearly a man of style, a modern-day Renaissance man of sorts. And his debut album Love Remains (out September 21 on Lefse Records) may be one of the most fashionable indie releases of the year. Get familiar with Mr. Krell below:

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