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Miss Li: Extremely Commercial, In The Good Sense!

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Ever have one of those "oh, so that's who does that song" moments?

It happened over here a few weeks before this year's South By Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas--where a shifting, international cast of popular and rising artists appear annually, impress the heck out of everyone, then often go right back home.

In this instance, the moment came upon giving a listen to Dancing The Whole Way Home, a new release on Minty Fresh Records by Miss Li.

Miss Li--born Linda Carlsson in Borlänge, Sweden, 20-something years ago--had already released three album back home and amassed a significantly large following, but here in the States she'd been inserting herself into our culture the way it's done in 2010: via songs featured in TV shows like Weeds and Grey's Anatomy or commercials for Desperate Housewives.

But then there was this iPod Nano commercial.


Afer that--and one listen to Dancing All The Way Home--we were hooked. And you may be, too.

Take a look at this informal performance and interview session, captured live in an Austin hotel room while this year's SXSW was in full bloom, to see who all those people in the commercial were dancing to.

You will like what you see. 

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