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Move Over, Cee Lo! Of Montreal Create The Ulitmate “F**k You” Anthem

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

Cee Lo Green has become the latest viral sensation with his salty-tongued kiss-off song, "F**k You," a profanity-spewing R&B romp that is shaping up to be the unlikely feelgood hit of the summer. But Cee Lo's got some competition from "Our Riotous Defects," an equally hilarious and vitriolic ode to a psychotic ex-girlfriend by Athens indie-psych-glam pomp rockers Of Montreal.

Of Montreal are hardly a new band--their first album, incredibly, came out way back in 1997. But their R&B/spoken word jam "Our Riotous Defects," featuring vocals by powerhouse Janelle Monae, just may be the song that finally puts the underground collective on the mainstream map, even more so than when their tune "Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games)" was appropriated for a widely seen Outback Steakhouse ad campaign.

This song is just relatable to the everyman and everywoman, despite the fact that flamboyant, somewhat unrelatable Of Montreal lead singer Kevin Barnes often performs in metallic speedos or centaur costumes while flanked by dancing mini-buddhas and pyramids with legs. This is because everyone, at one time or another, has been trapped in a troubled relationship with a high-maintenance diva that's like "Ike and Tina in reverse," driven to crazy acts of love in order to win the heart of an even crazier love interest. So who wouldn't relate to lyrics like "I participated in all your protests/Supported your stupid little blog/Got a Bowflex/Wore colored contacts to match your dresses"? We've all been there.

Now all we need is for some intrepid DJ create a "F**k You"/"Our Riotous Defects" mashup, and we'll have the ultimate breakup song of 2010.

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