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Mum’s The Word! Mumford & Sons Generate A Rustic Buzz

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

The latest crop of NME-endorsedBritish buzz bands have created a racket with electric guitars and technokeyboards, but Mumford & Sons have generated just as loud a buzz with such lo-fi instrumentsas mandolin, accordion, banjo, dobro, double-bass...and hardly any drums.


Theinstrument-swapping London folk-rockers actually have more in common withlegendary Americana acts like Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Byrds, oreven with modern-day U.S. buzz band the Fleet Foxes, than with other newbie British acts...although the Sons' rustic, harmony-ladensound is most definitely their own. And it is a sound that may easily translate andconnect with listeners in America,thus giving M&S a better shot at Stateside success than most bands.

With their sweet, pastoral sound and English-gentlemen image, one might expect Mumford& Sons to be all serious and soft-spoken in their interviews. But oh, no. WhenYahoo! Music sat down with bandmates and longtime school chums Marcus Mumford, Winston "Country" Marshall, BenLovett, and Ted Dwane to discuss their sound, the current London folk scene, and the making of the group's debut album, Sigh No More, they were actuallyhysterically funny--especially when fondly petting cuddly blonde bassist Ted in betweeninterview questions. Apparently Ted is the favorite Son.

Check out Mumford & Sons' amusing, informative interviewbelow, along with three gorgeous performances from their Yahoo! studio visit.

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