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Patrick Stump: The Fall Out Boy Rocks a New Style and Sound on Solo Debut

Tiffany Lee
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Move over, Pete Wentz. This other "Boy" is in it to win it--"it" meaning all the ladies' attention. Once frequently overshadowed by Fall Out Boy basisst Wentz's brooding, emo good looks (the frenzy over which I personally never understood), Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump has now given himself and his sound a makeover for his solo debut. And can I just say how much I love a well-coiffed man in perfectly tailored suit?

Sans his old newsboy caps, striped scarves, and mutton-chops, the sleek and chic Stump 2.0 has moved on to a soulful new styleof rock, exploiting his intense, acrobatic vocals to their full potential. And 'o and behold, his new album is called Soul Punk, so you know exactly what you're getting into.

With his new sound, Patrick is breaking away from brand of pop-punk Fall Out Boy made famous. In particular, Stump's single "This City" has a much broader appeal and demonstrates the musician's talent and range. The remix of the song--which has Lupe Fiasco throwing down some guest rhymes--is one of the album's more surprising departures, having, dare I say, pop and dance elements. So Stump may find an unprecedented reponse to his solo work.

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