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Priscilla Renea: Pop’s New Doll Face

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PriscillaRenea's funky pop track "Dollhouse" has the attitude, empowering message andenergy of a Katy Perry anthem. There's good reason for that. The 21-year-old Vero Beach, Floridanative was signed by Capitol Records pop A&R Chris Anokute, who also signedthe "I Kissed A Girl" singer.

Anokute heard Priscilla's music when meeting with the lawyerfor her indie label Power Entertainment. The attorney's purpose was to sellsome of Priscilla's songs to the company, but Anokute liked Priscilla so muchthat he wanted to find out more about the singer behind the music.


Anokute soon discovered that Priscilla had alreadyestablished a respectable web following. A YouTube clip of her singing "The Dictionary" over aninstrumental of Fergie's "Glamorous" has more than a million plays. She hadalso appeared on MTV's "Say What? Karaoke" and leveraged support on Fancast,and MySpace.

One year later, Priscilla is releasing her debut album,"Jukebox," on the legendary label. The artist who includes Destiny's Child,Spandau Ballet, and Sinead O'Connon among her influences co-wrote severalsongs on "Jukebox."

Her talent as a songwriter has earned her the nickname ofThe Quickness because she can write a complete track in 10 minutes. By the timeshe graduated from high school, her internet buzz sparked interest from severalentertainment companies.

Power Entertainment flew her to Atlanta for a meeting and their immediatelybegan working together. The first song Priscilla wrote with Power Entertainmentwas the ballad "Here I Am" that was eventually placed on the album fromGirlicious, a female group comprising winners of the Pussycat Dolls' realityshow.

Priscilla and her guitar recently stopped by the Yahoo!Music offices to showcase a few of her songs, "Dollhouse," "Mr. Workabee," and"Hello My Apple." She also explained how she used the internet to get her bigbreak and her love for Broadway.

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