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Redlight King Stops For Blue-Collar Living And Neil Young

Tiffany Lee
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Bringing a bleak but reverent piece of "Steel Town" Canada, Redlight King filled the Yahoo! Music office with heavy-hearted rock, a tinge of hip-hop, and lots of rich storytelling during is recent visit. The lyrics of singer-songwriter Mark Kasperczyk (better known as Kaz) read like a detailed diary of his experiences growing up and struggling as a musician. With small quirks like a standup bass and Kaz playing a left-handed guitar, Redlight King offers an introspective take on blue-collar living and leaving it behind.

Having grown up in Hamilton, Ontario, and writing songs since childhood, Kaz moved to Los Angeles after hitting the rock bottom outlined in his music. But one of his most buzzed-about accomplishments was getting a blessing from the great Neil Young to let Kaz sample some of his work--not just a piece of a melody, but an actual sample of Neil Young singing "Old Man" with Kaz rounding off the iconic chorus. The middlemen said no, but Young himself said yes. That alone is an accomplishment that lends to Kaz's talent.

Check out our exclusive acoustic videos of Redlight King playing "Come Back," "City Life" and "Old Man" off the debut album Something For The Pain



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