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Rising Teen Star Cymphonique Preps Album And Nickelodeon Show

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When Master P's daughter, Cymphonique, told him that shewanted to follow in his footsteps and become a recording artist, he said hewould help her under one condition: She had to agree to make education a toppriority.

"He said, 'OK, if you can make all straight A's in yourgrades, I'll get behind you,'" Cymphonique, 14, said, when she stopped by theYahoo! Music offices for a video interview. She took her dad up on his offerand even upped the ante, skipping a grade in math.



After years of studying ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hopdance, Cymponique has signed a recording deal with Columbia Records/No Limit Forever, and landedher own Nickelodeon TV show, "How To Rock Braces And Glasses." Her forthcomingalbum and dramedy are slated to debut in 2011.

In her new song "Daddy, I'm A Rockstar," the exceptionallytalented singer and songwriter expresses her love for music: "Daddy, I'm arockstar, daddy, I'm a rockstar, I don't need diamonds, I just want a guitar."

The artist, who has already toured with Raven Symone, DemiLovato, and Ashley Tisdale, gave Yahoo! Music a preview of more than a dozen radio-friendlysongs that span a wide range of genres from hip-hop to R&B to pop and rock.The music isn't watered down as are most songs from young teen artists.

Cymphonique worked with popular, hit making producers RodneyJerkins, Brian Kennedy, and Nephew, who have made records with the likes ofBeyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Michael Jackson.

"We wanted to capture the same sound of the Rihannas, theBeyoncé's, and the Mariah Carey's," she said. "So we had great producers, butwanted to keep the lyrics clean."

Like her music, her Nickelodeon series will also have amessage. "It's not your typical [TV show]," she said. "It's going to havecomedy and drama, but we also wanted to put a positive message behind it."

In the series based on the book penned by Meg Haston, Cymphoniqueplays Kacey, a girl who faces an identity crisis when she learns that she hasto wear braces and glasses. But her passion for music helps build herconfidence. "It's about a girl who believes in herself and is not worried aboutwhat others think about her," she said.

Cymphonique was born during the peak of Master P'ssuccess with No Limit Records, which boasts sales of 75 million. In 2001, herolder brother, Romeo, kicked off his rap career, and his now studying at USC.

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