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Robert Smith: From Japanese Whispers To Japanese Popstars

Lyndsey Parker
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The vocal influence of the Cure's Robert Smith can be heard in so many younger bands nowadays (see: The Rapture, Bloc Party, Kenna, Black Kids, The Bravery), it's a wonder he hasn't tried to collect royalties. Instead, he's just joined some modern-day bands on their own recordings and practically upstaged them all. Last year, he lent his distinctively trebly guest vocals to Crystal Castles' "Not In Love," and in recent years he's performed with Blink 182, Saffron from Republica, Earl Slick, Junkie XL, Faithless, and many others.

And Robert's latest non-Cure musical adventure is a guest spot with the misleadingly named Irish band Japanese Popstars, on their just-released second LP, Controlling Your Allegiance. The track, "Take Forever," is a heavenly bit of moody, icy electronica...and then Robert starts singing, and it just sounds like the Cure.

We bet Bob could sing with Gogol Bordello, or Celine Dion, or the Wiggles, or Pat Boone, or Scotty McCreery, or Slayer, and make them sound like the Cure, too. It's a testament to the simple fact that Robert possesses one of THE most recognizable voices in rock.

Listen to Robert's latest "Japanese whispers" below.

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