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Sara Haze: ‘The Hills’ Draws Eyes

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One could say that there's a fine tradition of young blonde females emerging from the California pop music landscape--must be something in the air, no?--and if one did, one could place Sara Haze in the epicenter of that fine tradition.

Haze, whose new album My Personal Sky hit the streets last month, is also a participant in yet another tradition: Establishing a career partly due to strategic placements of her music in films and TV shows. At last count, Sara's seen over 30 of them!

Most notable of those placements may have been that of  her song "My Own Hands To Hold," which after a particularly wrenching scene in reality show The Hills drove over 300,000 plays on her MySpace page.

Thus, Y! Music was delighted a few weeks back when Sara and her crew stopped by our office to deliver an informal rendition of "Beautiful Day"-a soulful track that's just a hint of Haze's songwriting talents.

Want more info? Check out the Sara Haze site here and you'll get the full scoop! 

Get Sarah's album here and donate money to the Clinton Haiti Fund.

Meanwhile, check out what the gang at Y! Music saw!

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