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Singer Dominique Pruitt Brings Her Spin on All Things Retro to Yahoo Music

Tiffany Lee
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Photo by Ron Pruitt

Photo by Ron Pruitt

Sass, class, legs and locks, L.A. native Dominique Pruitt's hyper-colored spin on '60s West Coast pop has an eye for all things retro and gives a wink to Pruitt's own family music legacy. But like her electric red/orange hair and multiple tattoos, she gives the authentic sounds a modern spin that ladies in the '60s would drop their pie tins over.

Pruitt may look like she stepped off the set of Blue Hawaii straight onto a lounge lizard's nightclub stage, but her smoky vocals and witty banter stave off any hint of kitsch. Her live performances mix in re-worked covers of Connie Francis, Madonna and the Beatles so seamlessly you'd think they were her own.

With her upbeat tracks of love, heartache and longing (garnished with a pineapple twist and a hair flip), the singer has built her own distinct style that mixes everything from the era, from pop to country to surf. But for her it's not just a hook, it's a lifestyle. Unlike most pop stars with elaborate images, Pruitt lives the look all day, every day. Over the years she has sourced an impressive wardrobe of vintage clothing, sleeps in curlers and always sports perfectly manicured nails worthy of Priscilla Presley on her wedding day. 

Dominique Pruitt came down to the studio recently to play some tracks off her debut EP "To Win Your Love" and let us kidnap her for a walk-about through the Yahoo office. Check out our interview and exclusive videos below!

Dominique Pruitt's debut EP "To Win Your Love" is out now. Check out tour dates, tracks and more on and socialize with Dominique on Twitter (@dominiquepruitt) and Instagram (@tikidominiki).

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