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Skull Tape Record Most Disturbing Willow Smith Cover Ever

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

Hey! Whataya get when you cross a pop hit by the Fresh Prince's 10-year-old daughter with an indie-noise supergroup (featuring members of the Mae Shi, XBXRX, Robotanists, Robin Williams On Fire, and Signals) and some not-for-the-weak-stomached, Andrew WK-esque bloody special FX? Why, you get "Whip My Hair (Drowned In Blood)," of course.

The original is the massively popular "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith, of course, and the supergroup in question covering the song is L.A.'s own Skull Tape, who are led by the Mae Shi's Brad Breeck and cite (the rather un-Willowy) Sparks, Iron Maiden, Wipers, and YMO as musical influences. Their debut, Invisible Hand And The Descent Of Man, is out April 12, and indie-rock fans will surely be whipping their hair, or maybe their skulls, when that fine day arrives.

We'd suggest Skull Tape challenge Willow to a rap battle to see who whips it best...but honestly, we'd fear for that poor girl's life. Skull Tape are not for kids.

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