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I love technology. Sure, some technophobes have legitimate gripes about the sound quality of MP3s and that digital recording lacks the soul and warmth of the old analog method. All that may be true, but I'll take that and live with it for the sake of convenience and all the cool stuff that technological advancements allow us to do. For example, I bring you the latest recording by criminally underrated Los Angeles-based pop-rockers the 88.

Freed from their deal with Island/Def Jam in April, the 88 opted to go completely D.I.Y. in recording their latest single, "Love Is The Thing." Nope, they didn't record it in a home studio; rather they recorded it in a mere two days on an iPhone using the FourTrack app, mostly in drummer Anthony Zimmitti's living room, save for guitarist Keith Slettedahl's lead vocal and a cymbal crash, which were recorded in keyboardist Adam Merrin's apartment. Check out this video clip the band shot to document the historic recording session and if you like the track, feel free to purchase it from the iTunes store at the link below. There you can download it and then upload it to your iPhone and the whole process will go full circle

Love Is The Thing

The 88's little recording experiment gave me a good reason to write about this band, which has been toiling in the netherworld between the underground and the mainstream for the better part of the decade. Despite their talent, the band isn't hip enough for the hipsters, nor is it pop enough for the tween set. Yet, if you're a fan of Kinks-style pop and Bowie-influenced melodicism, I urge you to check them out. Chances are you've probably already heard the band perhaps without knowing it. The band's music has been heard on such TV shows as How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, and 90210, in films such as You, Me & Dupree and Failure To Launch, and an ad campaigns for Target, Sears, and Microsoft's Zune.

Aside from scoring big time with licensing their music to TV, films and advertisers, the 88 has also gone the more traditional route, issuing their first two albums--2003's Kind Of Light and 2005's Over And Over--on their own EMK/Mootron imprint. For 2008's Not Only...But Also, the band made the move to the majors on Island/Def Jam and even experimented with pop maestro Babyface. The result was another stellar effort, but the album failed to generate the type of sales that placate major-label executives; hence the 88 are once again free agents. Keep your eyes and ears open for the 88's next move. If you're in the vicinity of the O.C., you may want to check 'em out on a bill with veteran new wavers the B-52's on July 19 at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, California. Until then, check out this clip of the band performing a Bowie's classic "Suffragette City" live.

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