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The Bronx: Rockin’ Your World Straight Outta L.A.

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In response to the very first Who's Next blog, the inaugural edition featuring Eric Hutchinson, a Yahoo! user by the name of "danmajchrzak" posted the following comment:

"Uhh, am I the only one who sees the irony in this artist's hit song title and the actual song? I think Rosen should have talked about where rock and roll actually is in this music scene. it ain't hiding in plain sight."

Well, danmajchrzak, if I understand what you are trying to convey, you are correct. Eric Hutchinson's song "Rock & Roll" doesn't really rock, that's why I compared him to other non-rockers like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. And I suppose there is some irony in the fact that the song "Rock & Roll" doesn't rock, but if you do want to rock, and I mean raaaaawk, I've got something especially for you. Dear danmajchrzak, allow me to introduce you to the Bronx.

Some of you smart guys, possibly even danmajchrzak, might be saying about now, "What? The Bronx aren't new, you dope." Correctomundo. According to the always useful All Music Guide, the band has been around since 2002, has released four albums, and despite its New York-sounding moniker, they come straight outta L.A.

I actually heard about the Bronx years ago, but I didn't pay much attention until I heard the track "Young Bloods," which is featured on their new album, cleverly titled Bronx III, although it's actually their fourth album. I guess they count their first two albums, both titled simply The Bronx, as one album. All of that isn't too important. What is? With the track "Young Bloods," the Bronx seems on the verge of bigger things. It's the sort of song that grabs you by the nape of the neck and makes you want to get up and jump around and possible break stuff, like office furniture. It reminds me of the Stooges-R.I.P. Ron Asheton-not so much in sound, but in spirit.

Check out the video below for "Young Bloods," but be forewarned. According to the band's official website, TV broadcast officials in the U.K. recently gave the clip something called the Harding test to ensure the use of strobes and flashes in the clip does not have the potential to induce epileptic seizures. Not only did the clip fail the test, the Bronx's site claims that no other clip has failed as miserably. Watch at your own risk.

Some other fun facts about the Bronx: The band appeared as Black Flag performing the song "Police Story" in What We Do Is Secret, the 2007 biopic of legendary L.A. punks the Germs; the band played the entire 2008 Warped Tour; and it sometimes moonlights as Mariachi El Bronx, playing entire sets as a mariachi band. Which reminds me, I sure could go for some chips, salsa and a margarita about now. How about you?


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