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The Controversial Second Life Of Lana Del Rey

Tiffany Lee
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The Internet has been buzzing for some time now about a polarizing singer named Lana Del Rey--and by "buzzing," I mean hating. Styling herself as a vintage glamour-girl with a sultry voice and dangerously seductive songs, she's been described by some as sort of a rebirthed Stevie Nicks with a touch of Kate Bush. But some haters are all wound up about the singer's past persona as the wide-eyed Lizzy Grant, and about what Grant has allegedly done to transform herself into Del Rey. Almost all artists get a good stylist and public relations person, but many people are accusing Grant of going under the knife. The change from Lizzy to Lana is so glaring to some, many listeners can't get past her '40s-pinup-style makeover to appreciate the music she has released.

Lana has been questioned about her backstory of growing up poor and living in a trailer park as well. It seems that many rock snobs are more concerned with "outing" her and taking away any street or "indie" cred the singer may have, rather than criticizing her based on her music and talent. one seems concerned about outing Lady Gaga for having a past as the drastically different-looking Stefani Germanotta.

Whether or not the artist formerly known as Lizzy Grant actually underwent surgery to alter her already-pretty face in order to achieve the femme-fatale image that she (or her record label) desired, that's still open to speculation. And yet, however she pulled off her physical transformation, her makeover is ironically what made her an Internet sensation, leading to millions of hits on YouTube and sold-out shows.

Incidentally, the trailer park story seems to be true, as seen in a 2008 interview with Lizzy Grant at the New Jersey trailer park she called home:

Regardless, it looks like Del Rey's detractors are getting their comeuppance: Her single "Video Games" has debuted this week at number one on the Billboard Top Maxi-Singles chart and at number nine on the U.K. Top Ten Singles chart. 

The bottom line is: Lana Del Rey's music is good. Her single "Video Games" is an undeniably sexy, brooding, and moving song that positions her as the antidote to almost any female pop star out there. You'll have to listen for yourself. Check out Lana Del Rey's copyright infringement-riddled, self-made music videos for "Video Games" and "Kinda Outta Luck" below:

Had to share: My friend turned me onto a gorgeous remix of "Video Games" by an artist called BALAM ACAB. Listen here:

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