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The Daley News: Who Is Gorillaz’ New Sidekick?

Lyndsey Parker
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This week, Damon Albarn's cartoon supergroup Gorillaz premiered the video for their new single "Doncamatic (All Played Out)," which comes out November 22nd on a remix EP. The song features relative unknown guest vocalist Daley, a debonair Mancunian with a uniquely androgynous vocal style (he's been mistaken for a female singer in some blogs) and an even more unique hairdo that gives similarly towering-tressed pop stars (La Roux, Janelle Monae, "X Factor" twins John & Edward, Ryan Cabrerra, Flock Of Seagulls) some serious coif competition.


"Doncamatic" is, as is the case with all Gorillaz projects, a fabulous video and single. But its debut has fans wondering...just who is this Daley fellow?

Well, online info on Daley, even on his own MySpace and Facebook pages, is scarce. He aptly describes his sound as "neo-soul, pop, and R&B, infused with ambient/experimental vibes," and he's apparently been recording and performing for a while now. But his Gorillaz guest spot is his first big break, introducing him to an entire new global audience. He's even appeared live with the band a few times on their international "Plastic Beach" tour, and is clearly a natural on a stadium stage.

Daley co-wrote "Doncamatic," which bodes well for his post-Gorillaz future and upcoming solo LP. "Gorillaz is just an amazing family to become a part of," Daley told British music paper NME. "I'm not sure how it works with other Gorillaz collaborators, but Damon and I wrote this song together. We definitely agreed that we wanted to write a pop song, so it's a bit different from a normal Gorillaz song."

Daley is currently working on his anticipated debut album, but for now curious fans will just have to check out his YouTube channel, which features videos of him covering Maxwell and Calvin Richardson songs and warbling one lovely self-penned original, "Rainy Day." Watch this space for Daley reports!

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