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The Postmarks: Signed, Sealed, And Delivering

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Sometimes a really interesting band can just sort of sneak up on you.

I may have been familiar with the Postmarks last year--I think I remember reading about them and noting they were from South Florida, where I grew up--but I never really gave them a listen until their latest album, Memoirs At The End Of The World showed up. With a cover any half-witted record collector would naturally assume to have been issued by Columbia Records in the mid-'60s, the new album--strictly speaking their second, not counting an EP and a collection of cover singles--is a treasure from start to finish.

Coming together a few years back in South Florida, the band's core three members of Jonathan Wilkins, Christopher Moll and lead singer Tim Yehezkely created an intriguing mixture of music that is at times both lush and twee. With the new album Memoirs, lush may be the operative word: recurrent instrumental themes resurface throughout several of the tracks, one John Barry-ish instrumental suggests a quirky mix of "The Perry Mason Theme" and "Town Without Pity," and Yehezkely's quietly mesmerizing voice veers on the hypnotic throughout.

The Postmarks' albums appear on the Unfiltered Records label, run by Andy Chase of the bands Ivy and Brookville, and it was a happy coincidence at Yahoo! Music that we could bring both the Postmarks and Brookville into our studios during the same day's session, as they've been touring together.  Those who saw Brookville's performance of "Break My Heart" have already seen Postmark singer Tim's lead vocal contribution to that band; now here's your chance to see her in the context of her full-time band.



And here are the above audio tracks themselves for your downloading/streaming pleasure.

All You Ever Wanted

Don't Know Till You Try


Next, here's the band themselves telling the story of the Postmarks. Check out what they have to say, then see what you can do about hearing their new album. You're certain to like what you hear.


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