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The Vaccines Give Rock ‘N’ Roll A Much-Needed Shot In The Arm

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

Every year a new British baby band comes along that seems set to conquer American shores, become the biggest U.K. import since Coldplay, and singlehandedly save rock 'n' roll. Oftentimes this all turns out to be just NME-generated hype...with an NME-generated backlash already in the works before that band even has a solid U.S. release date. But London's Vaccines just may be different. They just may be the shot in the arm that rock music truly needs.

With a style that owes much to classic American music--everything from Spectorian girl groups to the Ramones to the Beach Boys--and a raucous live show reminiscent of '80s punk and '90s grunge, the Vaccines have timeless and universal rock 'n' roll appeal. In England, they're already massive, with their cheekily titled first album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, debuting at number four on the U.K. charts. Considering that the Vaccines only officially formed last year, their rise has seemed incredbily swift, but the band members insist that they've paid their dues, and now they're ready to do the same here in America.

The Vaccines recently came by the Yahoo! Music to chat about their brief but brilliant career and perform three pulse-quickening punk rock songs in our studio. Check out all that awesomeness here; whatever you expected from the Vaccines, this footage is sure to exceed your expectations.

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