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Vedera: On The Way Up!

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Creating a buzz in the Midwest is Vedera--a Kansas City, Missouri-based quartet who've just released their major label debut, Stages, on Epic Records.

The quartet, fronted by colorful lead vocalist Kristen May, have most recently been huge inroads on the touring circuit with artists like the Fray, All-American Rejects and the Plain White T's--bands that, like Vedera, inspire a loyal fanbase focused on music much more than image. And they're being noticed.

Rounding out the band is guitarist Brian Little--who's also May's husband--as well as Little's brother Drew on drums and bassist Jason Douglas.

What do they sound like? Check out their most recent music video.



The band got its start locally in 2004 with an EP entitled This Broken City, and within a year was on the road with bands like MuteMath and Jason Mraz, promoting their official debut album The Weight Of An Empty Room. Word soon spread and the band finalized a deal with Epic, resulting in the big step up that is Stages. The new album was recorded with label A&R exec Mike Flynn--who co-produced the Fray's How To Save A Life as well as Augustana's Can't Love, Can't Hurt--and engineer Warren Huart, who has worked with the Fray, Augustana and Howie Day.

Whether rocking full-on onstage or letting it out in an emotional acoustic session, Vedera are moving into the spotlight and very much worth checking out. See if you don't agree.



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