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Discovering new music is one of the most exciting aspects of music fandom. Sure, everyone has old favorites that you've listened to million times and can probably hum in your sleep, but nothing turns you on more than something fresh and new that's yet to be discovered by the great unwashed masses.

Yahoo! Music has a long tradition of turning music fans onto new artists. It's a tradition that's so old, it dates back to the days of LAUNCH, the multimedia company acquired by Yahoo! that evolved into the Yahoo! Music you know and love today. At one point, LAUNCH--which began life as a CD-ROM magazine before it moved to the web--used the very tagline "Discover New Music." It's with that spirit that we bring you Yahoo! Music's brand-spanking-new emerging artist spotlight The New Now.

In this space, we'll feature exclusive live performances and video interviews on a regular basis, blog about the hottest new acts every weekday, feature free MP3s by some exciting new talents on a regular basis. We won't focus on a particular genre. Instead, we'll bring new music to you that we think is worthy of your attention either because we love it, or we think it has potential to blow up big time.

We don't sit around often tooting our own horns while simultaneously patting ourselves on the back, but to highlight our track record and show you what kind of content you can expect from The New Now, we thought we'd highlight some of the then-new acts we've showcased over the years. We begin with Coldplay back in 2001 when Chris Martin was just a wee lad with nary a curly lock in sight and end in 2008 with current hip-hop wunderkind The-Dream. In between you'll find performances by Feist and the Ting Tings, two acts that catapulted to fame after their music was heard in iPod commercials; British crooner Adele before she rose to Grammy Award-winning fame; NYC-hipsters Interpol, who tapped into the post-punk revival before current fave raves White Lies; and Peter Bjorn & John, the act that made whistling cool for indie rockers everywhere.

Enjoy the clips below and let us know who you'd like to see showcased in The New Now. We'd like to think that you The New Now belongs to you as well as us at Yahoo! Music. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your support.

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