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Yeah, Baby!!! Amazing Baby!!!

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I picture Mike Myers in his Austin Powers gear shouting the headline above for all to hear, because I think Austin Powers would like Amazing Baby almost as much as he likes saying, "Yeah, Baby!!!" I first heard Amazing Baby not from a Canadian comedian pretending to be a hip British secret agent, but from a British punk rock legend. His name is Steve Jones, guitarist for the Sex Pistols and the host of the late great Jonesy's Jukebox on the now-defunct terrestrial version of KDLD Indie 103.1 Los Angeles. During the lunchtime hour, Jonesy spun some great tunes. One that immediately cut through the clutter, beginning with its amazing guitar riff intro, was the demo version of Amazing Baby's "Headdress" months before the band was signed. Check out the video for the track below.

I really have no idea what that song's about, but it doesn't really matter because its mix of psychedelia, glam, and post-punk will stick in your head for days, nagging you to give it another spin. Although Amazing Baby sounds a bit British, the quintet is actually from the hotbed of musical activity known as Brooklyn, New York, and the band has ties to one of the Brooklyn scene's most successful acts, MGMT. AB's singer Will Roan and guitarist Simon O'Connor attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut with MGMT. In fact, at one point O'Connor and MGMT's Will Berman were in a band together called Monsters Of Rock. Later, MGMT invited Amazing Baby to open for it on its U.K. tour in the late 2008. Some have even compared the sound of Amazing Baby's "Pump Yr Brakes" to their buds in MGMT. Frankly, I don't hear it, but that doesn't mean it's not a fine tune. Check out the video clip below.

Both of those tunes were initially featured on Amazing Baby's self-released Infinite F--king Cross EP, which the band gave away for free via its website. Giving away music for free is a great was to create a buzz for both new and established acts. For Amazing Baby it has seemingly paid off in spades. The band recently signed to the upstart Shangri-La Music label, home to such fine acts as the Pretenders, the Duke Spirit, and fellow up-and-comers Band Of Skulls. Shangri-La releases Rewild, Amazing Baby's full-length debut, Tuesday (June 9) via digital outlets, while the physical release streets on June 23. You can grab a free MP3 of "Smoke Bros" from the album if you're willing to share your email address and zip code on the band's website and/or stream the whole album. I think it's well worth checking out. In the meantime, you can catch a glimpse of the band performing live at the Lexington in London in this fan-shot clip of "Bayonets," the opening track on Rewild.

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