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50 Cent Did Not Actually Shut Down the World Star Hip Hop Site

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Not long after the popular video website went offline yesterday, 50 Cent took to Twitter claiming that he was responsible for shutting it down, and that it was the consequence of his lawsuit against the site for using his image in their advertising. As it turns out, this was not the case. For one thing, the site is currently back online.

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In an interview on the New York City rap station Hot 97, 50 explained to host Angie Martinez that his Tweets were meant to entertain his audience of nearly 4 million followers. He was also using the opportunity to promote his new websites, including, a direct competitor for's audience. The rapper essentially denied that he was directly responsible for the shutdown, but played up his ongoing conflict with the site, attacking its proprietors for pushing "negativity."

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Later on in the same show, Martinez interviewed Q, the CEO and owner of Q explained that the outage was simply the result of a problem with the server, and that it had nothing to do with 50 Cent or the Department of Homeland Security, which was also rumored.

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