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Activists Ask Lady Gaga to Pose in Lettuce Dress

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Lady Gaga has been challenged to embraced vegetarianism
and pose in a lettuce dress on her visit to India this weekend. The
singer, who famously wore a dress made out of meat at the MTV Video
Music Awards in 2010, will be in New Delhi for the country's first
Formula 1 Grand Prix race, as well as an invitation-only concert at one
of the city's five-star hotels on Sunday.

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India has put the pressure on the pop star to promote vegetarianism,
and they have offered her a lettuce gown for a photo shoot. The dress,
which would be held together by pins and threads, would need to be
constructed leaf by leaf on her body. "Someone will be on hand to spray
the lettuce with water so that it doesn't wilt," says Sachin Bangera of
PETA India.

As of yet, Lady Gaga has not publicly accepted PETA India's challenge.


Photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images

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