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Beyonce’s Pregnancy Delays ‘A Star Is Born’

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The announcement of Beyoncé's pregnancy at last night's MTV Video Music Awards was a happy occasion for pretty much everyone except Clint Eastwood, who may have to put his remake of A Star Is Born featuring the R&B queen on hold indefinitely. The film, which was scheduled to shoot in February despite lacking a male lead, will either be put off until after the singer gives birth, or whenever the prolific Eastwood gets around to it (should he choose to take on another project in the meantime).

This could be positive news for the production, though. Since Eastwood and Warner Bros. were having a hard time casting a male lead, the extra lead time may give them a chance to land one of their reported top choices, such as Will Smith or Christian Bale.


Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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