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Exclusive Download: Mobb Deep’s Streetwear Homage ‘Illson 2012′

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Click here to listen to Mobb Deep's "Illson" featuring Aaron LaCrate

"Illson 2012," the latest track from Queens hip-hop heroes Mobb Deep, was produced by Aaron LaCrate for his Milkcrate Athletics
clothing line. The song brings LaCrate's aesthetic full circle by
paying homage to the t-shirt design that made his brand famous. "I
wanted to produce a track with the group that inspired the Illson
t-shirt design, Mobb Deep," says LaCrate. "The t-shirt was worn by
everyone from Jay-Z to Eminem, so it's kind of amazing to me to be able
to produce the real 'Illson 2012' song with Mobb Deep, some of New
York's most important MCs."

You can download the track for free here.


Photo by SZ

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