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Exclusive: The Jezabels’ ‘Try Colour’

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Click to listen to The Jezabels' 'Try Colour'

Australian quartet the Jezabels are hitting the road in North America
to support the digital release of their full-length debut, Prisoner,
on November 8th via Mom+Pop, with a physical release to follow in early
2012. Lead track "Try Colour" starts off light, then picks up with
heavy guitar riffs and drums. Guitarist Sam Lockwood explains that this
shift in mood and tempo was intentional. "'Try Colour' is our Nineties
song. At least it starts that way, and then morphs into a
dystopian-pop-nightmare. But that's fitting, I think, because we are in
many respects a band with strong contrasts," Lockwood says. "We wrote
this song quite quickly — it was actually the first song to be completed
on the album. I think that's because it does have a natural type of
movement to it. Nik's drums are the guiding force for the rest of us to
perform upon."

Lyrically, Lockwood adds, "Try Colour" is "about literally 'trying
color.' Trying things that are different. I think that we definitely
tried new things with this song, and that helped with us in the long run
being open to new ideas." Prisoner won't be available until November 8th, but you can listen to "Try Colour" for free here.


Photo by Kane Hibberd

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