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Free Download: Cowboy Junkies’ Languid ‘Spiral Down’

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Click to listen to Cowboy Junkies' 'Spiral Down'

This recording of the Cowboy Junkies tune "Spiral Down" is set to
appear on the digital bonus EP the band is releasing through their
website along with their new album, Sing In My Meadow. "The song was recorded in 2006 on our Paths Taken tour," says guitarist Michael Timmins. "The studio version, which was on At the End of Paths Taken,
featured just my acoustic guitar and a very dramatic string
arrangement. One of the joys of playing live is that you can give a song
new life with a new arrangement or approach. I love the way the live
version of this song breathes, like some humongous creature, down on its
knees, wheezing its last few breaths."

The Cowboy Junkies' bonus EP is available through the band's website now, but you can download "Spiral Down" for free here.


Photo by Chris Buck

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